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AKC King Topher Grace


 Topher is an English Springer Spaniel who was born July 9th, 2002 and adopted to Morgan from Johnson Springer Kennel  in Mayesville, SC. after plenty of research.  Even though they are cute now and beautiful later Springers are not for everyone!  Please don't just read one or two websites and think that you can handle a springer.  They have more energy than a 3 year old child, plenty of grooming needs, and, as all breeds do, they have health problems that you will have to know about.

If the springer is the breed for you please go to the English Springer Rescue of America and adopt a great springer from there!  Adopting not your thing? Then contact ESRA and help with fostering (which is ALWAYS needed) or transport a springer to their forever home. 

If you would like to go to an event to learn more about ESRA go to Carolina Springer Rescue News in the Carolinas.  There is at least one event each month and if not then the volunteers are just taking a break from a precious busy month. 



Topher is part of the Carolina Panters flyball team in Charlotte, NC.  All of the dogs show great hope for the first ever flyball team in Charlotte.   His box turns are great for a first timer and he understands what he is susposed to do to get the click and treat!  Look at Flyball Fun to see him in action!  The Carolina Panters team is looking forward to their first ever tournement after only the third class!  It is obvious Charlotte is full of great dogs and now they have a place to show it off.

Topher is also showing how much he loves to be the center of attention, as do most springers, so Morgan has plenty of new things for him to try.  He went to one agility class at the Greater Monroe Kennel Club in Monroe,  and he caught onto everything!  He loves the tunnels, A-Frame, and hurdles.  Pictures are coming soon!




      Freestyle is going to be the next thing. There is a wonderful lady willing to help Charlotte out and to get us started.  Morgan is looking forward to finding a training facility where she can have her freestyle classes, along with basic obedience.

If you are interested in FREESTYLE in CHARLOTTE please contact MORGAN at 

in the subject line put CHARLOTTE FREESTYLERS and some information about yourself and dog!

We have tackled the sport of frisbee...since he is only a puppy he wont be doing any jumping, vaulting, etc.  Just basic retrieves with the frisbee and catches two feet away from me.



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